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Chartered Accountants are the engines and architects of the economic world: LS Speaker

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla addressed the 21st World Congress of Accountants in Mumbai on Friday.

On this occasion, Birla said that Chartered Accountants are the engines of the economic world and also the architects of the world economy world. Because of his contribution to the economy, Birla also called the Chartered Accountant the Rishi Muni of the economic world. Referring to the fair examination process of Chartered Accountants, Birla said that the test taken to become a Chartered Accountant is very reliable. Till date no questions have been raised on their examination system, this is the biggest example of the authenticity and credibility of ICAI.

Underlining the role of Chartered Accountants, the Lok Sabha Speaker said that Chartered Accountants have the power and ability to work according to new innovation, new thinking and new technology. It is possible to build a prosperous society and nation through the positive change brought by them.

Birla also said that keeping in mind the changes happening in the economy of any country and the world in the coming times, they have the power and ability to work according to new innovation, new thinking and new technology and they will be the pivot of the world economy. Huh. His works have brought positive changes in the economic world and economic and social changes are taking place in society.

Birla expressed the view that inclusive development takes place in a democracy through discussion, dialogue and deliberations. Today the whole world is considering democracy as the best form of governance and is adopting it. In this context, he called upon the chartered accountants to further strengthen democracy with their efficiency and functioning. He also said that with the changing functioning of ICAI, the organization has won the trust of all the stakeholders.

Birla said that ICAI and accounting professionals have also changed their methodology to keep pace with the changes taking place in the field of business and their commitment to their work has won the trust of all stakeholders, thereby strengthening democracy. Happened.

During Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s visit to Mumbai, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde met and greeted Birla. Welcoming Birla to Mumbai, Shinde said the Lok Sabha Speaker’s visit is a proud moment for the state. The two leaders discussed a number of issues of mutual interest.

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