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Ganga-Jamuna Tahajib: A Muslim family takes care of 500-year-old Shiva Temple in Assam

In Guwahati, Assam, ‘Religion does not teach, hating among others …’ poetry is proving to be absolutely true. Here is a temple of Lord Shiva in Rangamahal village of Guwahati which is said to be 500 years old. The most special thing is that a Muslim family has been taking care of this temple over generations.

In this temple people of both Hindu and Muslim communities come and pray. There is a discussion of this Shiva Mandir in the entire area. Motibur Rehman, the head of the Muslim family who has been maintaining the Shiv Mandir for many generations, points out that this temple is 500 years old. Our family looks after this temple. Here people of all religions come to pray. ‘

The temple is situated near their home. The Shiva temple has been taking care by Rahman’s ancestors and Mutibir Rahman has maintained this tradition till today. Not only this, after the prayers of Motibur Rehman cleans the temple in every morning and evening.

A true example of communal Harmony where both people of Hindu and Muslim communities worship prayers together in this temple. First Motibur Rehman’s father used to take care of this temple but after his death, he is now continuing this tradition. He says that after his death his son will do the same.

It is a matter of great happiness that in addition to reading Namaz in the Muslim mosque of the village, he also regularly lit diya in the temple.

This is not the first time that a Muslim family is taking care of a temple. There have been many such reports before. That is why India is called the country of Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeb, where people from different sects are together.

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