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Lockdown ventures in the house

My son Prashant was all of ten when he decided to bake a cake for me .

Today he is baking a  coffee cake,  a chocolate cake and mayonnaise for the sandwiches. A busy banker by profession, he is apparently quite enjoying his stint in the kitchen – his latest is making Hyderabadi  Biryani! Bless you son for finding  your happiness! His  very capable assistant is his almost 7 year old son, Vardaan!

Prashant and Vardaan peeling peas

Today’s venture is the old Bong favorite ‘kosha mangsho’. I suggested he make poories to go with it!After all , in for a penny in for a pound!!

On the other hand , Vijay is on Work from Home (WFH). His  idea of helping in the house , besides getting the exercise is to do the vacuum cleaning.  His wife is happily painting on canvas and getting more and more involved in  her art work.

Vijay doing Vacuuming

I am in touch with my school mates of 50 plus  years ago, most of them are in their  70s .  Rohit lost his wife some years ago. His happiness also  lies in cooking  and apparently he is good at it. His 12 year old granddaughter gave unequivocal evidence of it by   asking Nanu if she could have her birthday party in his flat ?

And would Nanu  please cook pasta for her – his pasta is the best! I can visualize Rohit beaming from ear to ear!! His agenda for  Today  is  making imli chutney!

Imli Chutney made by Rohit

By the way he told me that he has  had trouble with his knees for the longest time. But in this last month he has been doing pocha in the house — down on his knees !

 And….  his knees are not hurting  any more !

Anil has involved himself in  helping  his neighbours , especially those who are older than him. He is a fitness freak—now he is sweeping his yard every morning, in spite of his Man Friday who lives on the premises. After that he does  two-three  hours of exercise  and later breakfast. He is part of a couple of ongoing projects so he is also a WFH candidate.

Anil Sweeping the yard

With  so much to do,   he admits “I had this feeling that I had plenty of time so I was taking it easy—yes I will do it .. where is the hurry?  After all that exercise I would start feeling drowsy and I would procrastinate. Suddenly I now feel I am running out of time…I had better buckle down and finish  the work in hand.

“I have been working from home  for the last couple of years so this is nothing new for me. Before the lockdown I used to watch  at least one or two movies and documentaries. Now, in the last 6 weeks I have not had any time for TV!”

Virta Stitching masks

 Pimi who is  80, is busy stitching masks for  whoever wants them. Earlier she had been knitting baby caps for charity. Yes knitting and sewing (on her 70year old sewing machine!)   are her happy pastimes. She has inducted her friend Veerta   to the sewing venture also. Another older friend of hers has been reintroduced to knitting caps.

As for me , I am keeping myself and my mind  in great shape  by stitching masks (and getting better at it every day!!) I paint my watercolor flowers and birds and I cook  what I want to eat! I am also teaching art to  two kids – one of them has the potential and is picking up well!

I am one of the lucky ones I have  a live in maid! She helps with all the mundane chores but I like to cook for myself.

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