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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Elections campaign in the sky, 60% helicopter booked by BJP

The digital platform has become an election battleground, the sky has joined the race. Trains, motorcycles and other vehicles are being used for campaigning. Now, through the helicopter, the campaign will also be broadcast in the sky. The Bharatiya Janata Party is ahead in getting the helicopter and chartered plane booked. Given the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had already booked about 60 per cent helicopter booking for months.
With the dates of general elections scheduled, election enthusiasm has also started to grow. All political parties are preparing for preparing the voters and spreading their message to the public. Elections to the loudspeakers, posters and workers’ rallies are no longer limited to the contest. In the last Lok Sabha election, the way BJP used social media as a weapon and also had the success of eliminating the opposition.

If there is any one of the highest benefits due to the election, then companies that hire helicopters and chartered planes Generally, the helicopters and chartered planes that have been hooked for hours have been booked for the entire election season. Experts say that the way this helicopter has been booked this time it has never happened before. The limited number of helicopters have made this race faster so that the speed of opposition parties can be slowed down.

According to the figures, where the number of helicopters in India is 260, the chartered plane is 200. Of these, the BJP has already made about 60 percent of the booking. The remaining 40 percent of the Congress and other opposition parties are close by. Congress is complaining that BJP has not left the helicopter to book. However, this time, parties fighting each other’s hands are also preparing to share helicopter.

Rental effect, increased prices
According to the information, the per hour rent of helicopter booking has increased by two to three times compared to normal days. Political parties may have to spend up to 10 to 15 lakh rupees for a day’s promotion.

The highest number of helicopters in the country are Pawan Hans, then the Global Vectra Helicopter is at number two. In private jet companies, companies like Club One Air and Taj Air also carry helicopters. Companies believe that if demand for helicopter in the election campaign continues to increase, then they have to carry small helicopters and choppers from outside on lease.

It costs so much
Hire of different helicopters is also different. Speaking of a single engine helicopter, its rent is one to two lakh rupees per hour. At the same time, the double-decibel helicopter’s cost per hour is two to three lakh rupees. Talking about one-day publicity, the party will have to spend between 10 and 15 lakh rupees. Please tell that the rent has to be paid even when you wear a helicopter.

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