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Priyanka attacked the UP government on the issue of education, Yogi slams- Why congress did not recall for 10 years?

On the issue of education, the Nourakushti period continued in the ruling party and the opposition continued on Monday. On this issue, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra surrounded the Yogi Sarkar.

At the same time, it was also said from the government that why Congress did not pay attention to this on the basis of being in power during the year 2004-2014.
Priyanka tweeted on Monday – “The hard work of Uttarakhand’s education workers is a daily insult. Hundreds of victims committed suicide. Those who landed on the roads, the government used to carry sticks on them. Case registered under Rasuka. BJP leaders are busy in marketing T-shots I wish they would also put their attention towards the dastardas’. Priyanka also raised the issue of instruction through tweet.

She writes- ‘I got some instructions from Lucknow. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister had announced his honorarium from Rs 8,470 to 17 thousand rupees. But till date, the instructors get only Rs 8,470. The false propaganda of the government is a noise, but the voice of the instructors is lost. ‘

In this matter, by the Yogi Government, the Chief Minister’s Information Adviser, Mrityunjay Kumar took over. He tweeted Priyanka Tagging- “You must first answer the fact that from 2004 to 2014, why did the Congress government at the Center sleep for the facilities of education. Do not run away from your responsibilities in the haste of politics. “The Modi of the present center and the Yogi Sarkar of the state raised the honorarium of education from Rs 3500 to 10 thousand rupees. Introduced their fair recruitment process. Teacher gave 25 percent weightage in selection. Education students were posted in their home district only.

BSP and SP do not have any right to speak about this. Because, in 10 years, the BSP-SP government has only increased the problem of education women. He illegally recruited education students in the name of caste-religion, which was rejected by the Supreme Court.
Why the political parties do not give a real solution to the problem
Education Minister Anil Yadav and Dushyant Chauhan say that political parties are doing politics on the issues of education, but do not suggest actual solutions. They say that we have lost the case from the Supreme Court. We were hired under government policy. Now relief can be given by the government by giving us relief. When laws can be made in matters related to religion, why are not political parties making a clear promise of doing so in our case?

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