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Rajasthan Cong battle on social media, flood of memes about Gehlot-pilot

Jaipur: The battle of Rajasthan Congress is dominated on social media. Social media users are constantly making and sharing memes about Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot and Rahul Gandhi. Before the nomination of CM Ashok Gehlot for the post of Congress National President, the war that started in the name of the next Chief Minister of the state reached till the resignation of the MLAs. On this political battle on social media, many people made different memes and made sarcastic comments on different leaders including Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot and Rahul Gandhi.

Whether it is Twitter or Facebook or WhatsApp, those who understand and have interest in politics have served this political earthquake in Rajasthan Congress in their own way in social media. Some put posts in favor of Pilot and some in favor of Gehlot. Most of the comments and memes are being dominated on social media about Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his magic. Regarding this ongoing tussle in the Rajasthan Congress on social media, most of the memes were made about the photo of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot with a magician. Someone on social media showed Sonia Gandhi in a different style with the magic of Ashok Gehlot. In which Sonia Gandhi is removing Gehlot as Congress President from the black cap, while Gehlot is seen removing the Chief Minister of Rajasthan from the black cap. Those who wrote with the memes also wrote that if the political drama increases more, then Ashok Gehlot is also likely to be out of the race for Congress President.

At the same time, there is also a post on Twitter in which Ashok Gehlot and Rahul Gandhi are shown talking separately on the phone through the photo. In this, it is written on the photo of Gehlot, ‘Hello, Rahul ji to tell the high command that after 19, Rajasthan must come again, a magic has remained now’. By putting a photo of Gehlot, it was written on it that ‘some people were from so many, since then I am showing this magic’. There are not even sarcastic posts on Twitter about this incident, but while talking on the phone of Gehlot and Rahul Gandhi, it was written by putting a photo, ‘Yes sir, I have taken 92, you also keep adding there and on Rahul Gandhi’s photo. Wrote what? Very good’.

BJP leaders have also made sarcastic comments on social media regarding this development. MLA and former minister Vasudev Devnani took a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and wrote that Gehlot’s Congress Todo Shobha Yatra is going on in Rajasthan. The effective effect of India Jodo Yatra is also visible in Rajasthan. Pilot supporters on Twitter are calling Gehlot a snake and not a magician.

Rajasthan University Students’ Union President Nirmal Chaudhary is seen challenging Gehlot on Twitter and is even saying that if you have the guts, then resign and come in the fray and contest the elections. People will take off magic. Through social media, Gehlot supporters are taking a dig at Sachin Pilot and his supporters by referring to the MLAs’ camp in Manesar and the political crisis in Rajasthan in the past.

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