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Third front ready to form government with Congress, ‘Driving seat’

The last phase of Lok Sabha elections is on May 19, but the regional parties have already prepared a solution to form the government. If any party of the NDA and Congress is unable to form the government in the results of the coming Lok Sabha elections on May 23, then the regional parties have already been prepared to sit in the ‘driving seat’.

The Third Front is ready to seek support from the Congress. But the condition is that the government will be run by regional parties only. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has announced this on Tuesday. Actually, the third front was done by Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao. Now this statement has come from his party spokesman which is being considered as very important.

TRS says that the federal front of regional parties proposed by Chandrasekhar Rao is ready to support Congress for formation of government at the center unless it asks for a driver seat. That is, the government will be run by regional parties only. Explain that Rao has been pushing the idea of ​​non-BJP and non-Congress federal front since last year.

‘An alternative to supporting Congress from outside will be sought’
TRS spokesman Abid Rasool Khan says his party is ready to work with Rahul Gandhi’s leadership organization. Chandrasekhar Rao is determined to have a federal front on the driver’s seat and he should run the government. He said that in case of low number of formation of government, option of seeking support from outside Congress will be sought. But the government will be of a federal front and the Congress will have to give its support outside. We are determined that there should be regional parties on the driver’s seat. The post of the prime minister should go to one of the components of the federal front. The prime ministerial candidate (federal front) will be a consensus candidate from the constituent parties.

‘Federal Front’ will not be linked to BJP in any way
Abid Rasool says that we are ready to talk to Congress and to see if they support us for forming a government or not. If they do so, the regional parties are not against it until Congress drivers ask for a seat. Abid says that the federal front will not be associated with the BJP in any way. We are against the BJP. We do not want anything with the BJP, do not want to support him or support him. The majority of constituents talking to KCR are also of the opinion that they will not have any relation with the BJP

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