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TMC raised questions on the dates of Lok Sabha elections, says, How will people cast votes in Ramzan?

The debacle of the Lok Sabha elections has started. There will be elections in seven phases and results will be on May 23. In such a scenario, all the parties have been thrusting in order to win the forthcoming elections. But Kolkata Mayor and Trinamool Congress leader Firhad Hakim is not happy with the dates of the elections.

They say that Muslims will have a Ramzan at the time of election. The Election Commission should have taken note of this.
Hakim said, “Election Commission is a constitutional institution and we respect it. We do not want to speak anything against them. But elections in 7 phases will be difficult for the people of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. This would be most difficult for those people who would have been running Ramzan at that time.

He said, “The minority population in these three states is quite high. He will cast a vote by keeping Rosa. The Election Commission should keep this thing in mind. BJP wants minority vote not to vote. But we are not worried about this. People are committed to the removal of the BJP-save the country. ‘

Tell that the Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven phases. The first phase will be on April 11, the second will be on 18th April, 23rd April, the fourth of 29th April, the fifth of the 6th, the sixth of the 12th and the seventh of the seventh of May. May be counting on May 23. On 23rd May it will be seen which party has handed over the key to power to the party for the next five years.

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