Cong National President Poll: One booth for 200 voters, barcoding ID card mandatory

Jaipur: The elections for the National President of the Congress Party are going to be held after the year 2000, after about 22 years. After 22 years, 413 PCC members will vote in the Rajasthan Congress office from 10 am to 4 pm on October 17.

For the Congress organization elections, PRO Rajendra Kumpawat told that 413 PCC members will vote in the state Congress headquarters. Of these members, 400 members are elected and 13 members will be those who have either been former presidents or have become PCC members from the MLA quota. He said that a polling booth would be set up for 200 voters. In this context, two booths will be built for 413 voters, where voting will be held. Barcoding ID cards have been provided to all 413 Pradesh Congress members to participate in the voting process for the new President of the Congress Party on October 17.

All members must bring this ID card to vote. If a voter’s ID card does not have a photo due to a technical fault or there is a misprint in the name, then in such a situation he will also have to bring a government voter ID card, only after matching it, he will be able to vote.

Along with PCC members, four agents who will be nominated by both the candidates Mallikarjun Kharge and Shashi Tharoor will be allowed to enter the polling booth. Agents of both candidates will keep a watch on the voting process and if they have any objections, they will also be able to inform the PRO about it.

The agents to be appointed on behalf of both candidates need not be PCC members. If a PCC member is not willing to act as an agent for a candidate, any member of Congress can be made an agent on behalf of the candidate.

There are also some leaders who will not be able to vote in the Rajasthan Congress headquarters due to organising elections or joining the Bharat Jodo Yatra. These leaders include Neeraj Dangi, Rameshwar Dudi, Khiladi Lal Bairwa, Pawan Godara, Krishna Poonia and Sandeep Sharma, who are holding the responsibility as PROs or APROs of other states. They will likely cast their vote in Delhi before going to their election states after attending the Congress Election Authority meeting to be held in Delhi on Saturday. PCC member Pawan Khera, who is involved in the Bharat Jodo Yatra, will also cast his vote at the polling booth in the Bharat Jodo Yatra instead of coming to Rajasthan.

After the voting process to be held on October 17 for the post of President of the Congress party, information about how many PCC members have voted will be available, but from which state, which candidate has got how many votes, it will remain a secret. Because after the voting the ballot boxes will be sealed and taken by the PRO to Delhi. These ballot boxes will be kept in the strong room in Delhi.

When the counting of votes will take place on October 19, at that time the ballot papers received by both the candidates from all the states will be taken out and gathered at one place before the counting of votes. Separate bundles will be made of the ballot papers received by both candidates. If there will be no state name or a different color on the ballot paper of any state, then it will not be known which candidate has got how many votes from which state.

In Rajasthan, most of the MLAs were already made PCC members, but there were some MLAs or ministers who had made their supported leaders as PCC members instead of becoming PCC members themselves. In such a situation, along with 400 PCC members, now 13 new PCC members have also been made, including seven ministers and MLAs. Out of thirteen members, 6 are former state presidents and 7 MLAs, who were made PCC members from the quota of the legislature party.

Former State Congress President PCC members become PCC members separately even if they are not elected. They also have the right to vote. At the same time, the legislature party also has a quota of 15 percent, the MLAs who do not become PCC members, they join that 15 percent. At present, out of 13 members, there are 7 MLAs and ministers, who have been made PCC members, they will also have the right to vote.

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