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Sunday’s Unholy Terror: Attacks on Churches and Synagogue Shake Dagestan

Moscow: On Sunday, a series of attacks took place in Russia’s Dagestan region, targeting two Orthodox churches, a synagogue, and a traffic police station. The attacks resulted in the deaths of a priest and at least seven security personnel, including six local policemen.

In response, a counter-terrorism operation has been launched in Dagestan as an exchange of fire continues at some of the sites, with some of the buildings even set ablaze. Russian authorities have labelled the attackers as members of an “international terrorist organisation,” but have not provided further details.

While reports indicate that the assailants opened fire on the religious buildings with automatic firearms before fleeing in a vehicle, intense fighting was reported near one of the churches in Makhachkala. Local media has reported that hostages may be held inside the church, although this has not been confirmed by authorities. Additionally, a traffic police station in Makhachkala was also attacked, resulting in casualties among police officials.

The attacks have sparked fear and chaos in the region, with gunfire still being heard and hostages potentially being held inside some of the buildings. The incident has also led to discussions about potentially revising Russia’s nuclear doctrine as a response to these attacks.

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